Pre-Conception Counseling

If you are planning to become pregnant and would like to talk with one of our physicians about how to make sure you’re preparing your body for pregnancy in the healthiest way possible and to discuss maximizing your fertility efforts, please schedule an appointment with one of our providers. We will be happy to discuss your overall health, pre-pregnancy health, and overall fertility with you. If you wish, your partner is welcome to join you at this important visit!

Pregnancy/Maternity Care

We love taking care of women during this exciting time! Our goal is to provide personal attention and individualized care to each patient. We like to begin seeing our expectant moms at eight weeks if possible; at this appointment we will confirm your pregnancy and talk with you about how the schedule of prenatal care is structured.

We provide routine care for the healthy mother-to-be as well as care for more complicated pregnancies. Our patients love that we offer 4D ultrasound in our office; there’s nothing quite like getting a real sneak peek at your baby before the big day! Our goal is to closely monitor your progress at each checkpoint, since a healthy delivery begins during prenatal care. Therefore, we partner with each patient to encourage open communication, give advice for taking care of yourself during pregnancy, and to answer all of your questions.

Patients often want to know who is going to deliver their baby! It’s a good question and one that is important to the physicians at Affinity Physicians for Women. [Click here to see what our physicians have to say about delivering babies!] Typically, your selected physician will deliver your baby; in fact, a concerted effort is made for your doctor to handle your delivery. And, we don’t restrict delivering babies to Monday – Friday during office hours since babies have a timetable of their own! However, while you will have a designated physician within the practice, you will see each of the other physicians in our practice during your pregnancy as well. This way, if your primary physician is not available when your baby is born, you have met the other providers.*

*While we make every effort for your primary physician or another APFW staff physician to deliver your baby, in rare circumstances scheduling conflicts with our physicians occur and we utilize contract providers for deliveries.

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