Special Delivery

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While the entire pregnancy journey is fill with joy and excitement, the delivery is the certain the culmination and is a memorable event! At Affinity Physicians for Women, our goal is for your physician or a physician in our practice, to deliver your baby.* We know how important delivery day (or night!) is to you and your family and don’t want to miss the big event if possible. Just in case your physician is unavailable when your baby makes his or her grand entrance, we do make sure during your pre-natal visits you have met the other physicians in the practice.

“After taking care of a patient during their pre-natal period, having the opportunity to deliver their baby is very exciting!” said Dr. Shannon Price, with Affinity Physicians for Women. “I love being a part of such special time in that family’s life.”

Ready to learn more? Watch these videos to see our physicians talk about how much they love delivering babies!

*At times, due to unavoidable schedule conflicts with physicians in our group, independent physician contractors may be utilized during delivery.