Pregnancy Pains: Tips from the Top to Help Treat


There are lots of great and wondrous things about pregnancy…but there are some true pains that go along with growing a brand new person, too.

“We know that there are some real ‘pregnancy pains’ that a lot of women suffer from,” says Brooke Robbins, FNP-C. “And we try to help with relieving those in the safest and quickest ways possible.”

Headaches, hemorrhoids, heartburn, leg cramps, lower back pain and round ligament pain, not to mention having trouble sleeping can all be a normal part of your pregnancy experience.  It’s true! There can be some less-than-pleasant aspects to pregnancy.  Many of the discomforts go away on their own and others can be addressed with your team of providers.  The main thing to remember is your body is adjusting to accommodate growing a new human being!  

It’s important to talk regularly with your provider to not only make sure your concerns are nothing to worry about and to get safe tips on how to manage your symptoms.

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Source: Parents Magazine