Pelvic Floor Repair


If you’ve experienced pelvic floor prolapse, then you know the seriousness of this condition and the need for a safe and quick solution.  Affinity Physicians for Women performs pelvic floor repair surgery for their patients with each woman evaluated and treated individually for her specific needs.

Many times caused by childbirth, pelvic floor prolapse is a condition in which organs normally supported by the pelvic floor (namely the bladder, bowel and uterus) herniate or protrude into the vagina.  Recent advances in laparoscopic surgery help surgeons repair many pelvic floor defects, which can be difficult to reach by other methods.

“Pelvic floor repair greatly improves the quality of our patients’ lives,” says Dr. Shannon Price. “And advances in laparoscopic practices make recovery time much more manageable.”

What are the benefits of laparoscopic pelvic floor repair?

  • Excellent view of the pelvic floor from above
  • Accurate identification of the pelvic floor defects
  • Minimizing the need and extent of vaginal repair, thus reducing the risk of painful internal scars
  • Hysterectomy for uterine prolapse may be avoided or deferred until childbearing is completed
  • Restoration of normal pelvic anatomy is achievable
  • Less invasive than the open procedure.

The recovery phase

  • Resume normal activity level gradually as you feel able remembering to rest as required.
  • Gentle walking or swimming is allowed.
  • Take analgesics to help back pain and laxatives until regular bowel movements.
  • Avoid jarring activities such as jogging, jumping or heavy lifting.
  • Postpone sexual intercourse for six weeks

Expected outcome of surgery
A successful prolapse operation can be expected in over 95% of cases. This generally means restoration of normal pelvic anatomy and in the majority of cases improvement or return to normal of bladder, bowel and sexual function.

Although not life-threatening, prolapse is a progressive condition which can cause physical discomfort and disfigurement and at times even personal and social embarrassment through loss of bowel and bladder control. While prolapse is not uncommon, it is not necessary to suffer in silence.

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Source: Hopkins Medicine