Medications & Pregnancy


Taking medication while pregnant can be confusing and worrisome. There are about six million pregnancies in the U.S. each year, and 50% of pregnant women say that they take at least one medication. Some women take medicines for health problems, like diabetes, morning sickness or high blood pressure that can start or get worse when a woman is pregnant, and others take medicines before they realize they are pregnant.

“Knowing what medications are approved during pregnancy and which ones to stay away from can be tricky,” says Brooke Robbins, FNP-C with Affinity Physicians for Women.  “We can help our patients navigate those waters to be sure they’re comfortable and also keeping their baby safe.”

There’s one primary rule with medications and pregnancy:  Talk to Your Provider First!                 

Always talk to your healthcare provider before you take any medicines, herbs, or vitamins. Don't stop taking your prescribed medicines until your healthcare provider says that it is OK  - but also, don't start taking anything new without asking your physician!

Ask your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist about the information you get online. Some websites say that drugs are safe to take during pregnancy, but you should check with your healthcare provider first. Every woman's body is different. It may not be safe for you.

Affinity Physicians for women is dedicated to keeping our patients safe and their unborn babies healthy. Call us with any questions you may have regarding medications and pregnancy.

Have more questions about our practice or about pregnancy?  Click here.  Not pregnant but would like to contact our office for more information or to make an appointment?  Click here.  We would love to hear from you – Affinity Physicians for Women is all about our patients and do all we can to make their lives more enjoyable on every level.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention