Endometrial Ablation: Solution for You?

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Heavy periods are more than just an inconvenience - they can truly affect the quality of your life.  If you’re experiencing this issue, you could be a candidate for endometrial ablation.  Endometrial ablation is the removal of the lining of the uterus with the aim of reducing or stopping menstrual flow.  Our doctors at Affinity Physicians for Women have extensive experience with this common procedure.

“We have found that endometrial ablation has helped many of our patients who experience extensive bleeding during their periods,” says Dr. Rana Khalek.  “The downtime is minimal and the results are often life changing.”

Endometrial ablation may completely stop a woman from having periods, or it may just reduce the amount of bleeding. Doctors will only perform the procedure on women who are not pregnant and do not want to become pregnant.

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