Join us for a Free Personal Safety Workshop, Sunday November 11th!

Self Defense 2 LOL

A free Personal Safety Workshop is being offered Sunday, November 11 from 2 – 5 p.m. by Affinity Physicians for Women’s as part of the groups “Live Out Loud” workshop series for women. The 3-hour workshop, led by local Jiu Jitsu instructor Josh Clements, will teach participants about the psychology of personal safety as well as the principles of leverage and how to use it in a physical altercation for self-defense. 

The class includes demonstrations and participants will have the opportunity to practice various movements for use in a violent situation. The 3-hour workshop will be at the TRMC Event Center, located at1657 S. Carpenter Roadin Tifton, adjacent to the YMCA. 

“I will discuss the idea of C.A.T.S. which means understanding your Choices; Awareness of your surroundings, Tools available for you to utilize in the moment, and Switch which means understanding how to ‘flip the switch’ from prey to predator,” says Clements, who is also the owner of Redemption Jiu Jitsu Academy.  “The three most compelling reasons for someone to take this class include the exposure to the realities of personal safety, experience to better know what to do if an altercation occurs, and most importantly, empowerment to know you can fight back.” 

This workshop is free, but registration is required and class size is limited. Please register at the calendar of events at or by calling 229.353.6316.  A full listing of all of all Live Out Loud events can be found at under Patient Resources, Live Out Loud.